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Countdown to the Saudi Cup

Saudi Cup Betting

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2023 Saudi Cup Odds and Contenders

2023 Saudi Cup Odds and Contenders
PP Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Age Odds
1 Café Pharoah João Moreia Noriyuko Hori Koichi Nishikawa 6 4/1
2 Country Grammer Frankie Dettori Bob Baffert WinStar Farm LLC - Zedan Racing Stables 6 6/1
3 Crown Pride Damian Lane Koichi Shintani Teruya Yoshida 4 10/1
4 Emblem Road Alexis Moreno Moutaib Almulawah Prince Saud Bin Salman Abdulaziz 5 10/1
5 Geoglyph Christophe Lemaire Tetsuya Kimura Sunday Racing Co. Ltd. 4 20/1
6 Jun Light Bolt Ryan Moore Yasuo Tomomichi Junji Kawai 6 8/1
7 Panthalassa Yutaka Yoshida Yoshito Yahagi Hiroo Race Co Ltd 6 10/1
8 Remorse (IRE) Tadhg O'Shea Bhupat Seemar Al Rashid Stables LLC 6 30/1
9 Scotland Yard Victor Gutierrez Moutaib Almulawah Prince Saud Bin Salman 4 20/1
10 Taiba Mike Smith Bob Baffert Zedan Racing Stables, Inc. 4 5/2
11 Vin de Garde Mickaël Barzalona Hideaki Fujiwara Shadai Race Horse Co. 7 20/1
12 Laguertha Rhyme (IRE) Ricardo Ferreira Naif almandeel Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahad 5 30/1
13 Sunset Flash (IRE) Aseel Alsarhani Naif almandeel Faihan Almandeel 7 30/1

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5th The Saudi Cup runs on February 24th, 2024.

Saudi Cup Betting Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Saudi Cup Betting

As the newest jewel in the crown of international horse racing, the Saudi Cup stands out as a blend of tradition and modernity, making it a must-watch event for racing enthusiasts and bettors alike.

A Brief History

Inaugurated in 2020, the Saudi Cup swiftly ascended to prominence in the horse racing world. Conceived as part of Saudi Arabia's broader initiative to open its doors to global sports events, this race has already etched its name in the annals of horse racing history. What sets the Saudi Cup apart is not just its rich prize pool but its ambition to bridge the East and the West in a celebration of equine excellence.

The Venue: King Abdulaziz Racetrack

The heartbeat of Saudi Cup betting is the King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Riyadh. This state-of-the-art facility, with its all-weather track, provides an ideal stage for the world’s finest thoroughbreds to showcase their speed and agility. This remarkable venue not only offers a spectacular racing experience but also reflects the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Race Details

The Saudi Cup is contested over a distance of 1,800 meters (approximately 9 furlongs) on dirt. This distance offers a perfect blend of speed and stamina, making the race a true test for the competing horses and an exciting spectacle for viewers and bettors.

The Significance of the Saudi Cup

What truly sets the Saudi Cup apart is its positioning as the richest horse race in the world. This prestigious event offers a staggering $20 million prize pool, with a whopping $10 million awarded to the winner. This enormous prize has not only attracted top international talent but has also heightened the excitement for Saudi Cup betting.

Why Bet on the Saudi Cup?

Betting on the Saudi Cup is more than just placing a wager; it's about being part of a historic event. This race offers a unique opportunity for bettors to engage with one of the most prestigious and competitive fixtures in the horse racing calendar.

Betting Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to Saudi Cup betting, here are some quick tips:

    Do Your Research: Understanding the horses, their past performances, and their suitability to the track can significantly enhance your betting experience.

    Consider the Odds: Assessing the odds given to each horse will give you an insight into their chances of winning.

    Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest news and updates about the horses, trainers, and jockeys.

Why Saudi Cup Betting is Unmissable

The Saudi Cup is not just about the grand prize; it’s a celebration of the finest horses from around the globe competing at the highest level. Betting on the Saudi Cup allows you to be part of this grandeur, offering an unmatched adrenaline rush.

As you embark on your Saudi Cup betting adventure, remember that this event is more than just a race; it’s a symbol of sporting excellence and international camaraderie. With its rich history, magnificent venue, and unparalleled prize money, the Saudi Cup is truly a pinnacle of horse racing.

Embrace the excitement, engage with the sport, and may your bets lead you to victory at the spectacular Saudi Cup.

How can I bet on the Saudi Cup online?

Saudi Cup betting online is really easy! You can start by creating an account on BUSR. Visit the Saudi Cup betting section on BUSR's website, where you'll find various betting options such as win, place, show, and more.

What types of bets can I place for the Saudi Cup on BUSR?

You can place a variety of bets including win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta, each offering different odds and payout opportunities for Saudi Cup betting.

How can I learn more about the horses and jockeys in the Saudi Cup?

USRacing News provides detailed information for Saudi Cup betting on all participating horses and jockeys, including statistics, previous race results, and expert analyses.

"We trust US Racing to provide accurate and thoughtful coverage of racing. They are the best source for horse racing odds."


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