Kentucky Oaks Odds
Place Your Bets on these Great Future Odds
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Countdown to the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Oaks Odds

Place Your Bets on these Great Future Odds

You can now bet on the Kentucky Oaks!

Get great future odds with amazing payouts on the leading Kentucky Oaks and Derby horses and even the leading Jockeys and Trainers. Bet the "Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports" running on at Churchill Downs.

The Kentucky Oaks Future Odds are live for you to bet now!

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Kentucky Oaks Odds
PP Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Odds
SCR TAPIT JENALLIE Emmanuel Esquivel Eddie Milligan Jr. Willis Horton Racing LLC
2 GIN GIN Florent Geraux Brad Cox Calumet Farm 30-1
3 WHERE'S MY RING Jose Lezcano Val Brinkerhoff Michael McMillan 15-1
4 REGULATORY RISK Dylan Davis Chad Brown Klaravich Stables Inc. 20-1
5 THORPEDO ANNA Brian Joseph Hernandez, Jr. Kenny McPeek Brookdale Racing Inc., Mark Edwards, Judy B. Hicks & Magdalena Racing (Sherri McPeek) 5-1
6 LEMON MUFFIN Keith J. Asmussen D.Wayne Lukas Aaron Stones 30-1
7 FIONA'S MAGIC Luis Saez Michael Yates Stonehedge LLC 30-1
8 TARIFA Flavien Prat Brad Cox Godolphin LLC 7-2
9 EVERLAND Abel Cedillo Eric Foster Foster Family Racing (Brooklyn N. Foster), William J. Wargel, R.K. Eckrich Racing LLC (Rebecca K. Eckrich) & Maxis Stable (Sidney Karmia)" 30-1
10 INTO CHAMPAGNE Julien R. Leparoux Ian Wilkes Six Column Stables LLC (Brad Stephens), Randall L. Bloch, Jim Gladden, Mike Davis & Michael Steele" 30-1
11 WAYS AND MEANS Irad Ortiz, Jr. Chad Brown Klaravich Stables Inc. 5-1
12 POWER SQUEEZE Daniel Centeno Jorge Delgado Lea Farms LLC 12-1
13 JUST F Y I Junior Alvarado Bill Mott George Krikorian 9-2
14 LESLIE'S ROSE Irad Ortiz, Jr. Todd Pletcher Whisper Hill Farm LLC 4-1
15 OUR PRETTY WOMAN Joel Rosario Steve Asmussen Courtlandt Farms LLC 40-1

The 2024 Kentucky Oaks Odds - Everything You Need to Know!

The Kentucky Oaks is coming up, and now is the perfect time to think about the picks you want to make. Horse racing is easily one of the most popular sports for betting. There’s no greater thrill than wagering on which furious Fillies will come out on top. Watching these impressive creatures compete against each other for glory is exhilarating, but placing a bet takes things to a whole new level.

We can’t provide the current odds for the Kentucky Oaks at the moment. Instead, we’ve listed to odds available on race day for the 2023 Kentucky Oaks. You can use our contenders' list to compare the rankings and see what odds you can expect for each filly.

What Are the Current Odds for the Kentucky Oaks?

Odds represent the probability of the outcome listed occurring. All of the odds listed are set by the official oddsmaker. Oddsmakers figure out and list them before betting is available for consistency. The oddsmaker assesses each horse and considers many factors — including past performances, training regime, jockeys/owners, and track conditions.

Kentucky Oaks Leaderboard

RankHorseTrainerTotal Points
1TARIFABrad Cox150
2WHERE'S MY RINGVal Brinkerhoff125
3POWER SQUEEZEJorge Delgado120
4LESLIE'S ROSETodd Pletcher115
6JUST F Y IBill Mott90
7GIN GINBrad Cox66
8JODY'S PRIDEJorge Abreau65
9FIONA'S MAGICMichael Yates60
11TAPIT JENALLIEEddie Milligan Jr.54
12EVERLANDEric Foster54
13LEMON MUFFIND.Wayne Lukas50
15WAYS AND MEANSSteve Asmussen50
17V V’S DREAMKenny McPeek48
18INTRICATEBrendan Walsh45
20KOPIONRichard Mandella35
21CANDIEDTodd Pletcher34
22RECHARGESteve Asmussen30
24LIFE TALKTodd Pletcher29
25PERFECT SHOTSteve Asmussen25
26IMPELBrad Cox25
27CARMELINA"Butch" Reid Jr.25
28SCALABLETodd Pletcher 22
29BAND OF GOLDKenny McPeek21
30SHE'S A TEMPESTSteve Knapp21

Bet Now on the Kentucky Oaks

How Can I Bet on the 2024 Kentucky Oaks?

You can place a bet on the 2024 Kentucky Oaks by creating an account in BUSR , depositing funds, and purchasing a ticket. We make the entire process easy from start to finish and let you place wagers from the comfort of your home.

Get Guidance from Certified Betting Experts

If you aren’t an expert in betting on horse races, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered for the 2024 Kentucky Oaks. We’ll help you know when the race is happening and learn more about some of the most popular bet types you can place. Don’t miss this opportunity to make things even more exciting by betting on these majestic animals. Test your knowledge on which Fillies are best prepared to compete and show off their impressive stamina, speed, and agility.

When is the Kentucky Oaks in 2024?

The Kentucky Oaks traditionally takes place on the Friday before the Kentucky Derby. This year, it happens on Friday, May 3rd, 2024. Most horse racing fanatics consider it an “appetizer” for the Kentucky Derby. Although it may now be as famous worldwide, the Kentucky Oaks is still a spectacular event and a real treat for general spectators or bettors.

The Kentucky Oaks drawing process for post position happens on April 27th, right before the drawing for the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Oaks Bet Types Explained

You can bet on the Kentucky Oaks in a few different ways. Whether you decide to bet on the horses, jockeys, or even the trainers, there’s betting action available for all. Betting on the race is a great way to back your favorite horses or the people training and riding them.

Read the section below to learn more about the different bet types and how they work. After all, this is one of the most prestigious stakes strictly for 3-year-old Fillies; it’s one of the best events you’ll find to put money on these immaculate creatures.

The Kentucky Oaks Future Wager

Bettors can place a Kentucky Oaks Future Wager at BUSR . It's the easiest way to maintain the highest odds for your selection. Once race day rolls around, the odds of your choice will be lower than what was available with your future wager.

Another thing to remember is that this wager type is pari-mutuel, so your winnings will be based on how much money is in the pot before it closes. The odds available for each section are selected by an exclusive team of racing experts and handicappers.

Standard 2024 Kentucky Oaks Bet Types

If you want to get in on some simple action, your best bet is to stick with straight wagers. These are the bet types that most people go with, as they’re straightforward and offer a solid payout regardless of which filly you pick.

If you want to extend your bets above just a single pick, you can select from several other bet types. You aren’t limited to just choosing a winner! If you’re feeling lucky and think you know where multiple Fillies will finish, you can opt for a Place, Show, or Across the Board bet.

The “Win” Betting Market

The name itself is self-explanatory. Your ticket represents which horse you think will win the race. If you bet on a Filly to win the Kentucky Oaks and they come in first place, you’ll cash in on your ticket.

The “Place” Betting Market

Making a Place wager gives you more wiggle room than the Win market. Instead of picking a horse to come in first place, you can choose which one you think will place in either of the first two positions. It’s ideal if you’re confident in your choice but still want a shot at winning if they slip up near the end.

If the horse you’ve bet on comes in first or second, your wager will still be graded as a win. The odds aren’t as high as you’ll find while betting on the Win market, but you can turn a solid profit through this particular betting market.

The “Show” Betting Market

Are you looking for an even bigger chance at winning your bet? The Show market is where you can bet on a horse to place in either of the top three positions. Even if they don’t come in first or second, you can still cash your wagers if your selection places third.

Horse racing is an unpredictable game, and if you aren’t sure your favorite Fillies will win the whole thing, you can at least bet on them to put forth a valiant effort and cash your Show bets.

The “Across the Board” Betting Market

Combine three different wagers into one ticket with an Across the Board bet. In this market, your ticket lets you bet on a Win, Place, and Show without separating your picks. You’ll be paid for all three picks if the horse comes in first place. Should the horse come in second, you’ll be paid for the Place and Show bets — a third-place finish only cashes the Show portion of your ticket.

Exotic Kentucky Oaks Bet Types

The “Quinella” Betting Market

It’s simple! Select two or more horses, and as long as the first two cross the line first (in any order!), your wager will be graded as a win. You’ll select two horses to finish in first and second place, but you don’t have to be accurate with the order. It’s similar to an Exacta bet, but they’re in two different markets. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about having the proper order to win.

The “Exacta” Betting Market

An Exacta bet is when you pick two specific horses to finish in first and second place. Being accurate on the first two placements can be difficult, but it certainly pays off if you’re willing to take the risk. Many bettors have turned a few dollars into hundreds by making an Exacta bet on the Kentucky Oaks event.

The payout is much higher than you would get from a straight bet type. For example, in the 2023 Kentucky Oaks, a wager of $2 on the 14-3 Exacta would’ve won you $403.14.

The “Trifecta” Betting Market

If you feel like you’ve got a good idea of which three horses will finish the race first, second, and third, the Trifecta market is the best option. The payout on smaller bets is significantly higher compared to betting on just a Win, as you need to get all three horses correct. Not only that, but they also need to finish in the exact order you’ve chosen.

For example, you can place a Trifecta bet of Just FYI (1st), Tamara (2nd), and Candied (3rd). If all three horses come in the exact places you’ve guessed, your bet will be graded as a win. The odds are always high, and you can look at last year's Trifecta to see how much a $0.50 bet would’ve won.In 2023, a $0.50 Trifecta bet on 14-3-2 paid out $1,997.14!

Vertical Kentucky Oaks Bet Types

All of these bets are paid out based on a pari-mutuel system. Your winnings are determined by how much has accrued in the total pool (after the track takes thots deduction, of course).

All of the bets listed are a great way to “parlay” the outcomes of races and make the Kentucky Oaks even more exciting than it already is.

The “Daily Double” Betting Market

The “Daily Double” is when you pick two consecutive winners in a row. Sometimes, this bet type is called “rolling doubles”. It’s a great way to keep your day of watching horse races exciting and add more meaning to the race

The “Pick 3 and Pick 4” Betting Market

The “Pick X” bet type is one covering multiple races. It would apply to more than just the result of the Kentucky Oaks and is ideal if you plan on placing a wager for multiple horse races throughout the season.

The name “Pick #s” stems from the bet itself — it’s where you pick the winners of 3 or more consecutive races. Bettors may choose multiple horses on each leg of the ticket, but it’ll impact the cost. You can even select every horse in the race for an individual leg, but don’t forget to look at how it will change the cost of your ticket!.

Alternative Bet Types

If the same old bet types aren’t as appealing enough, there’s always more to choose from when you wager with us. We give you more to choose from. Personalize your horse race betting experience throughout the 2024 Kentucky Oaks and attempt to pick the right jockey or trainers with your ticket.

You can even dabble in prop bets you won’t find anywhere else! There’s plenty to choose from when you bet on the Kentucky Oaks with BUSR

Betting on the 2024 Kentucky Oaks Jockeys

You don’t have to limit your wagers to the horses themselves. You can also bet on which Jockey is going to cross the line first during the Kentucky Oaks!

Bet on Mike Smith or Luis Saez to continue their winning ways during the Kentucky Oaks. If you’re keen on the less favored riders, you can pick the likes of Ricardo Santana Jr. or Julien Leparoux to stun the crowd and come out victorious.

Betting on the 2024 Kentucky Oaks Trainers

Have a favorite trainer in mind that you want to support? We’ve got you covered. Sign up and place wagers using our betting lines for all of the trainers taking part in the 2024 Kentucky Oaks.

Maybe you feel like Mark E. Casse will come through as the underdog and take home the title — alternatively, perhaps you prefer going with a tried and true choice like Bob Baffert. You can support underdogs or previous winners. Test your luck by betting on the highest odds possible, or stick with the most reputable trainers known in the horse racing industry.

Betting on the 2024 Kentucky Oaks Props

Prop bets are popular in many other sports betting markets, and BUSR is bringing that excitement to the 2024 Kentucky Oaks. Place bets on markets like the “Margin Of Victory” or “What Will the First Quarter Mile Be?”.

You can even bet whether the Kentucky Oaks winner will lead write to wire or if a trainer will win the event for the first time. If you want something more out of the box, you can even wager on the age or number of words in the name of the Kentucky Oaks winner! Of course, that’s just scratching the surface of what BUSR can offer.

We have props for all walks of life and every risk level, so regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

How to Make 2024 Kentucky Oaks Picks/Bets

Whether you’re new to betting on horse races or simply seeking a new platform to do it on, you’ve come to the right place. It’s never been easier to make Kentucky Oaks picks than it is with BUSR.

Where Can I Bet on the 2024 Kentucky Oaks?

Make your 2024 Kentucky Oaks picks with BUSR . It’s never been easier.

Sign up for an account in minutes and start placing wagers for this unremarkable racing event. We feature exclusive prop bets you can’t find anywhere else and unmatched bonuses that will enhance your Kentucky Oaks betting experience.

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