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 2024 Kentucky Oaks

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Kentucky Oaks Leaderboard

Rank Horse Trainer Total Points
1 TARIFA Brad Cox 150
2 WHERE'S MY RING Val Brinkerhoff 125
3 POWER SQUEEZE Jorge Delgado 120
4 LESLIE'S ROSE Todd Pletcher 115
5 THORPEDO ANNA Kenny McPeek 105
6 JUST F Y I Bill Mott 90
7 GIN GIN Brad Cox 66
8 JODY'S PRIDE Jorge Abreau 65
9 FIONA'S MAGIC Michael Yates 60
10 REGULATORY RISK Chad Brown 55
11 TAPIT JENALLIE Eddie Milligan Jr. 54
12 EVERLAND Eric Foster 54
13 LEMON MUFFIN D.Wayne Lukas 50
14 INTO CHAMPAGNE Ian Wilkes 50
15 WAYS AND MEANS Steve Asmussen 50
16 OUR PRETTY WOMAN Jose D'Angelo 50
17 V V’S DREAM Kenny McPeek 48
18 INTRICATE Brendan Walsh 45
20 KOPION Richard Mandella 35
21 CANDIED Todd Pletcher 34
22 RECHARGE Steve Asmussen 30
24 LIFE TALK Todd Pletcher 29
25 PERFECT SHOT Steve Asmussen 25
26 IMPEL Brad Cox 25
27 CARMELINA "Butch" Reid Jr. 25
28 SCALABLE Todd Pletcher 22
29 BAND OF GOLD Kenny McPeek 21
30 SHE'S A TEMPEST Steve Knapp 21

What is the Tradition of the Kentucky Oaks?

As you would expect with any other popular horse racing event, the Kentucky Oaks has long-lasting traditions to uphold. If you’re an experienced horse racing connoisseur, you’ll already know about some of them. If you’re new to the game, we’ll list some of the most popular traditions to keep you in the loop.

A Rich History of Racing

The Kentucky Oaks was created over 100 years ago and has become an annual tradition within the culture of American horse racing ever since 1875. It started as a local gathering for a tight-knit community and has since grown into something truly spectacular.

You could argue the only time you’ll feel action of this magnitude outside of the Kentucky Oaks is during the Kentucky Derby. The historical impact that the Kentucky Oaks holds is nearly unmatched and has left behind a legacy of transcendence within the horse racing community.

The Epicenter of Horse Racing in Louisville: Churchill Downs

The Kentucky Oaks takes place at Churchill Downs, which is one of the most renowned horse racing complexes in the US. In the same vein as the Kentucky Oaks, Churchill Downs opened in 1875 and has been home to some of the most triumphant moments in horse racing history.

Two steeples rise above the grandstand and maintain a symbolic meaning for this iconic racetrack — towering high above spectators and competitors alike.

Front Row Seats: Kentucky Oaks at the Iconic Churchill Downs

There’s no questioning the viewability as a spectator at Churchill Downs. You can expect to catch every moment of the Kentucky Oaks, basking in the sounds and sights of the enriching environment. Listen to the clacking of hooves and cheers of dedicated viewers. It’s the perfect place to watch every moment of this potentially dramatic event in complete comfort.

A total of 170,000 people can spectate the event live, making it the biggest horse racing venue in all of the US. Churchill Downs isn’t just the home of Kentucky Oaks, as you also watch the Kentucky Derby, Clark Handicap, and several other notable horse races here too.

9 Furlongs of Furious Competition

This race is determined to display the finest Fillies in the US. What originally started as a 1.5-mile course is now on a much grander scale, as it’s lengthened to 1 ⅛ miles (or 9 furlongs). It’s the perfect distance to test the mettle, speed, and stamina of any 3-year-old Thoroughbred filly.

Perfect in Pink

When it comes to the Kentucky Oaks, you’ll see a lot of pink clothing. There’s also a major focus on including pink drinks, decorations, and even hair, among other things. All of this is to support breast and ovarian cancer research.

The “Pink Out” is directly related to the “Survivor Parade” that marches during the Kentucky Oaks annually. Cancer survivors have an opportunity to march before the race starts and provide a message of hope and inspiration to those in attendance.

In 2024, it’ll be the 11th anniversary since starting this tradition — and it’s one we hope sticks around well into the foreseeable future.

Lilies for the Fillies

The reputation and glory that comes with the win isn’t the only thing they get! Whichever filly comes in 1st place is given the top prize from the purse and a large bundle of lilies. You may have heard the saying “Lillies for the Fillies” in the past, and this tradition is where it comes from.

They maintain the same theme for the world-class signature drink served at the Kentucky Oaks as well. The “Lily” drink is a staple of the Kentucky Oaks event and is well worth trying out if you’re keen to do so.

How Old are the Horses in the Kentucky Oaks?

The Kentucky Oaks is a race reserved for Thoroughbred fillies that are 3-years-old. The total carrying weight for every filly competing is 121 pounds or 55 kg. Although they’re young, plenty have cemented their legacy over the last century of Kentucky Oaks races. It’s the prime of any racing horse's life and provides the most exhilarating matchups possible.

A Day for the Fillies

Most would consider Fillies to be the perfect combination of agility and strength. Throughout the Kentucky Oaks race, you’ll see racing efforts that are tough to find anywhere else.

All the best Fillies on the circuit come together and challenge one another, competing for the glory and glamor that comes with winning the prestigious Kentucky Oaks.

Both the horses and jockeys are dedicated competitors at the top of their game, and it’s a pulse-pounding event that always leaves spectators wanting more.

What is the Kentucky Oaks?s

Kentucky Oaks is a Grade I race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a spectacle run by 3-year-old Fillies and features a total purse of $1.25 million. The first-place winner is given $750,000, with the remainder split between second and third.

Get Ready for Kentucky Oaks 2024: Save the Date!

The Kentucky Oaks is always scheduled for the final Friday before the Kentucky Derby – this year, it’s happening on May 3rd, 2024.

The Kentucky Oaks is one-third of the infamous “Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing”. The other two components are the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes and the Acorn Stakes.

Historical Roots

The name “Kentucky Oaks” pays homage to the British Epsom Oaks. More importantly, the British Epsom Oaks and Kentucky Oaks were inaugurated by the same founder — Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark.

It’s a monumental event of epic proportions held on a left-handed dirt track that has become one of the most popular events in the Kentuckiana area. In the weeks leading up to the Kentucky Oaks, you can expect to find plenty of additional attractions to enjoy.

For years, the Kentucky Oaks has been accompanied by impressive food and alcoholic beverage vendors. Spectators can also indulge in boardwalk games, exclusive events, and an unmatched buzz for those betting on the race.

The 2024 Kentucky Oaks Contenders

A Bright Future for Thoroughbred Fillies: The Ever-Growing Legacy of Kentucky Oaks

The future of the Kentucky Oaks is stunning, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store. A rich history of legacy-building races, impressive horses, and heart-pounding moments makes the Kentucky Oaks an unmissable day of excitement. It’s the ultimate test of excellence and has become a beacon for the horse-racing community in more ways than one.

Entrance to Churchill Downs

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